The world was gripped in fear when the spread of a worldwide pandemic became news. Life suddenly came to a halt and for many like myself, only to be replaced by the deafening silence of solitary confinement. Time took on a whole new meaning. It was once something that was chased after. Now it was but a heavy, inescapable weight. Days became weeks, and weeks became months! We watched and waited, longing for the door to become unlocked, even though we knew that on the other side lay a reality forever altered. Our hearts ached to be with the ones we loved and human touch became a distant memory. What we valued so highly in our ambitions was slipping through our fingers like water. It became ever more obvious that we have no control over the dangers and trials that we face in this life.
If our hope lies solely upon ourselves and this world, then what hope is there?
~ Sheila Ballantyne